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Welcome to Kohtoku Enterprise, Inc. We are the oldest and largest Japanese-American licensed real estate company in the Puget Sound region. Our business focuses from rentals, first-time buyers and families looking to upgrade their current home.

At Kohtoku Enterprise, we are proud to serve our clients in one of the most desirable cities to live in. We specialize in finding the perfect home for you.

Aiko Suganuma was named one of IMS top producer listing agent. This prestigious award is given only to the top 10% of listing agents of the Northwest multiple listing Association. She has also been recognized to be part of an elite group of members in the top 1% out of 18,000 agents.


アメリカ北西部、カナダ国境沿いに位置するワシントン州。 その経済の中心地シアトルとその近郊は、ボーイング、マイクロソフト、アマゾン、コスコ、をはじめ、バイオテクノロジーの最大大手イミュネックスなどが本社を構え、米国産業.経済にとって重要な地域となっています。全文

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