Mr. Satoshi Nakajima

2017-04-10 Testimonials

It has been 24 years since our family came to Seattle in 1989. Since then we have met and done business with many realtors, however, recently we have done our real estate dealings with only Kohtoku Enterprises.

From a buyer’s perspective, a real estate deal is not over when the deal closes. A few years after closing one must take care of repairs, remodeling, in some cases, renting the property and selling and purchasing another property. That means one must look at things long range.

Nevertheless, most realtors only take an interest in clients who want to buy or sell property and don’t look at the big picture. The realtor who was calling you every day until the deal closed is the same one you never hear from again after the sale. Of course, it goes without saying that realtors make their living through real estate fees, yet I’ve experienced many deals that left a bad taste in my mouth.

When we bought our first house in Bellevue, our children were very young and the realtor in charge made a fuss over them saying “When spring comes, I’ll let you ride my boat”. The deal closed. There was no more talk of a boat ride. There were no more phone calls. Perhaps the realtor was just being diplomatic, but I came to regard that as part of their technique. What set Kohtoku apart from other realtors was their understanding that the deal wasn’t over when it closed. They were able to advise us about the little things that have no direct relationship to the deal, but come up when you’re living in a house: Who to contact if your roof leaks, who to call if the dog gets sick, etc.

Other realtors may look at this type of service which goes above and beyond as a waste of time, however, from our perspective, compared to realtors who have been “diplomatic” and less than truthful with us, this “waste of time” has proven Kohtoku’s added value and established a relationship of trust.

Incidentally, the dog in the picture is our pet, Tuffy. We had had another dog until two years before and still felt its loss. Mrs. Suganuma asked us, “Would you take this dog? A family is returning to Japan and they said they can’t take the dog with them”. We took the dog in who has since become a member of our family.

Satoshi Nakajima