Aiko Suganuma

Aiko Suganuma is the Founder and Managing Director of Kohtoku Enterprise, Inc. Aiko has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. Aiko started Kohtoku Enterprise when she first helped her Japanese friends to find a place of residence while they were working temporary in the Seattle area. She quickly saw a need to use her native language and assist with the cultural and legal barriers. Aiko helps guide the process from start to finish to ensure that the client is satisfied in their new home.
Aiko was given the prestigious award of the top 10% of listing agents in the Pacific Northwest by the Northwest Multiple Listing Association. She has also been recognized to be part of an elite group of members in the top 1% out of 18,000 agents. This is an attribute to her hard work, dedication and loyalty to her clients.

Kohtoku Suganuma